About Q A I


Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (Q A I) is an independent, community-based, individual, systemic and legal advocacy organisation for people with disability in Queensland, Australia.


Our mission

Q A I’s mission is to promote, protect and defend, through advocacy, the fundamental needs and rights and lives of the most vulnerable people with disability in Queensland.


What we do

Q A I does this by:

  1. systems advocacy directed to attitudinal, law and policy change.  We  also support a range of advocacy initiatives in this state and nationally.
  2. individual legal advocacy in support of persons whose disability is at the centre of their legal issue, including:
    1. NDIS Appeals Support
    2. Justice Support
    3. the Human Rights Legal Service, and
    4. the Mental Health Legal Scervice.

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated

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 1300 130 582