Author: Nick Collyer

Submission to the Productivity Commission on the National Disability Agreement Review

  Submission to the Productivity Commission on the National Disability Agreement

31 July 2018 Media release: NGR Trains Commission of Inquiry

The Queensland Premier has Appointed a Commission of Inquiry into the NGR Train Procurement

Minister Bailey- What about our trains?

Open Letter to Transport and Main Roads Minister Bailey NB: We are frustrated. Minister Bailey has not responded to our request for a timetable for making the new NGR trains accessible. They need revised braile signage, grabrails, widened corridors, accessible toilets, middle-of-train-guards etc etc 16 May 2018 Dear Minister, RE: Scheduling date for NGR access […]

July 2018 QAI Newsletter

  Welcome to QAI’s July 2018 newsletter. Latest news Mental Health Act 2016 Review: Queensland Health is evaluating whether key changes have been implemented effectively. QAI’s Mental Health Legal Service is in the thick of it, and while Queensland Health’s consultation period on broader issues has now closed, QAI is still interested in hearing from you if […]

Human Rights Act in Queensland Budget 2018

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) applauds the Queensland Government for committing funding to support the operation and administration of a Human Rights Act for Queensland in the 2018-19 State Budget. Funding of $2.3M over four years, in addition to $616,000 a year in ongoing funding, has been allocated to the Anti-Discrimination Commission for this purpose…   read […]

Let’s Nix 216

Section 216 of our Queensland Criminal Code makes it unlawful (i.e. a criminal offence) for any person to have intimate relations (i.e. sex!) with another person who has ‘impairment of the mind’, which is defined broadly in the Criminal Code and includes any person with an intellectual, psychiatric, cognitive or neurological impairment that results in […]

Our Systemic Advocacy

        Check out our campaigns and other systemic work to implement your rights and make Australia a better place for people with disabilities in 2018.