NDIS Participants and Nominees Forum

forum invitation

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Capricorn Room, Frenchville Sports Club
Corner of Eldon and Clifton Streets, North Rockhampton


Priendly version (pdf)

An opportunity to openly and confidentially discuss your NDIS experiences

Purpose: to create a means for people to:

1.       share their respective NDIS experiences

2.       share the lessons learned from their NDIS experiences

3.       connect with others experiencing similar issues or concerns

4.       learn from (and potentially support) each other

5.       determine what (if any) action might be taken to address shared/collective concerns or issues

6.       learn where to get more information



Date: Monday 3rd December 2018  –  International Day of People with Disabilities



Facilitators: Jenny Smith – NDIS Appeals Advocate (Qld Advocacy Inc.)

Sandi Small – SEAT Facilitator, Spinal Life Australia

John Jones  – Parent of an adult with significant disability



Cost: Free – light refreshments available.



Future: Whilst this is initially intended to be a once only event, attendees may choose to continue to meet regularly and evolve into a self-controlled and self-managed group that chooses its own destiny and means to lead good lives.



Register: Email:  jenny@qai.org.au   Bookings available up to 26 November 2018