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Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism – Queensland Productivity Commission

The Queensland Government asked the Queensland Productivity Commission to determine how government resources and policies may be best used to reduce imprisonment and recidivism to improve outcomes for the community.     QAI had a lot to say about this, having published editions of  Disabled Justice in 2007 and 2014.   Ten percent of prisoners in this […]

Protecting Queenslanders: QAI submission is critical of Queensland bill that would give the Premier power to make decisions on monitoring of people with disability convicted of sexual offences

The QAI submission to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee Inquiry into the Bill 2018 (‘the Bill’) opposes the Bill in general, and is critical of a number of provisions in the Bill proposed by Mr David Janetzki MP, the Member for Toowoomba South.  In particular, QAI opposes the provision  that would give the Premier power […]

About the police, the court and lawyers: What to do and what not to do

Justice Support Program plain English booklet for people who may come into contact with the criminal justice system:  

Identification of people with intellectual disability in the criminal justice system

Powerpoint slides from presentation by Nick Collyer at the ACSO Conference, October 2015, Melbourne Identification ppt

An important new resource offers hope for improvement for people with disability in the criminal justice system

QAI media release on the launch of disAbled Justice: Reforms to Justice for Persons with Disability in Queensland Launch of dis-Abled Justice

Media release: ‘welfare cuts for the criminally insane’

QAI media release condemning the Federal Government for punishing people with disabilities, and News Limited for playing up to prejudice around mental illness DSP media release 31 March 2015

Disabled Justice: The Barriers to Justice for Persons with Disability in Queensland

QAI’s report on the barriers that people with disability face in accessing justice in Queensland: 1493089476-The barriers to justice for persons with disability in Queensland