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WHAT DO YOU THINK? Recording Mental Health Review Tribunal hearings

The Mental Health Review Tribunal is a body established by the Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld). The Tribunal holds hearings and makes decisions about involuntary treatment and care for people with mental illness, and involuntary care for people with intellectual disability or cognitive impairment. At the hearing, the Tribunal is made up of a panel […]

Presentations at the ANZAPPL Congress 2018

QAI mental health lawyers Jo Sampford and Niamh Fields presented at the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatrist, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL) Congress 2018. Find their presentations below: “Is this to be their fate for the indefinite future?” Judicial  interest in systemic issues in Queensland”, Niamh Fields “Lost and found in translation: Cross-disciplinary conversations […]

Media release – Violence against people with disabilities in their home forum

Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner headlines QAI’s Violence against people with disabilities in their home Forum Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) is thrilled to announce that Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Mr Alastair McEwin, will be the keynote speaker at our Violence against people with disabilities in their home forum on Monday 24th September 2018. Fresh from the […]

Media release – Mental health defence not a free pass

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI), as a Queensland leader in representing people on involuntary mental health orders, would like to respond to comments in the article entitled ‘Brisbane bus driver’s killer won’t stand trial’ published by the Brisbane Times on 10 August 2018, wherein a member of the legal profession critiqued the laws relating to people […]

Patient advocacy group calls for sensitivity in reporting on controversial book

MEDIA RELEASE – For the first time, victim and patient advocacy groups have come together in response to the impact that the publication and promotion of a controversial book is having on clients they work with.

Shooting deaths: Let’s make policing safer for the general public, and for police

QAI media release on the shooting deaths by Queensland police Coronial Zimmer Oct 2016

Bouquets for State Budget but (show us the money) for Mental Health Act’

QAI media release calling for funding for mental health in the Queensland budget StateBudget2016

QAI speaks out against sensationalist and callous reporting of the plight of a Queensland teen with an intellectual disability and mental illness

QAI media release on the media reporting of issues pertaining to people with intellectual disability and mental illness Media Release 16.02.16

Media release: ‘welfare cuts for the criminally insane’

QAI media release condemning the Federal Government for punishing people with disabilities, and News Limited for playing up to prejudice around mental illness DSP media release 31 March 2015