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QAI & Coronial Recommendations on 2014 Police Shootings

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated and the Queensland Coronial Inquiry into Police Shootings of People with Mental Illness (2) The Coroner granted Queensland Advocacy Incorporated ( Q.A.I. ) leave to appear in this Inquiry as a ‘specialist advocacy group’ that has a ‘sufficient interest’ pursuant to s36(1)(c) of the Coroners Act 2003 (Qld) (‘the Act’).  The Coroner recognised […]

Drawing of man flanked by police

About the Police, the Court and Lawyers – What to do and what not to do

  The Justice Support Program (JSP) assists and advocates for people with intellectual disability who have been charged with an offence.  We have produced a book “About the Police, the Court and Lawyers – What to do and what not to do” The book uses plain English and simple illustrations to guide Dan (who has an […]

Shooting deaths: Let’s make policing safer for the general public, and for police

QAI media release on the shooting deaths by Queensland police Coronial Zimmer Oct 2016

Disabled Justice: The Barriers to Justice for Persons with Disability in Queensland

QAI’s report on the barriers that people with disability face in accessing justice in Queensland: 1493089476-The barriers to justice for persons with disability in Queensland