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Keep disabled kids in class

Campaign Overview

The A Right to Learn campaign officially launched on 14 April 2023. The campaign is publicly calling on the Queensland Government to conduct an inquiry into the use of school disciplinary absences in Queensland State Schools after a Freedom of Information request revealed students with disability are disproportionately affected by unfair suspensions and expulsions. We are asking people to pledge their support for our 5 key asks on the campaign website.

Logo with blue and orange pencil pointing to text "A Right to Learn" with tagline "Keep disabled kids in class".
Young boy with disability wearing multicoloured glasses and sitting at school desk next to a window with stick on decorations. The teacher is leaning over his desk helping him with a class activity.

Coalition Members

The campaign is made up of a coalition of organisations which includes us, Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service Queensland (ATSILS), Peak Care Queensland Inc., Youth Advocacy Centre Inc. (YAC), and Youth Affairs Network Queensland (YANQ). 

Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion Logo.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service Logo.
Peak Care Queensland Inc. Logo.
Youth Advocacy Centre Logo.
Youth Affairs network Queensland Logo.

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