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Get involved with our systems advocacy

We are committed to ensuring our systems advocacy is grounded in the lived experience of people with disability. We want to maintain our grassroots foundations and listen to the diverse perspectives of people with disability in our communities.

We have developed a new process for our members and the broader disability community to be more involved in our systems advocacy.

You can become involved through any of the following options:

  • Attend a ‘QAI Conversations’ event
  • Join our Lived Experience Register
  • Tell us your concerns
  • Become a member

We want to have meaningful conversations and listen to your ideas about how the human rights of people with disability can be advanced.

Above all, we hope to grow a sense of community, where people with disability, your families and supporters are at the heart of our systemic advocacy.

    Voices for change!

    In 2024, we are continuing our event series ‘QAI Conversations’ under the new name ‘Voices for change!’.

    ‘Voices for change!’ is where your voice matters. Join us for an honest and informal conversation about the issues impacting the lives of people with disability in your area and share your ideas and solutions with us.

    We are committed to making sure our systems advocacy is grounded in the perspectives of people with lived experience of disability. We hope to listen and learn from each other so the real-life experiences of people on the ground can inform the changes we recommend to government.

    At each event we will talk a little bit about QAI’s current systems advocacy work, before we ask for your ideas and input. We will also have a different key topic each time that’s relevant to the current issues in our communities that will discuss while we share some food together. 

    This year, we are planning to hold two in person events and two online events.

    April: In person event in Cairns – details and registration via Humanitix here.

    June: Online event

    September: In person event in Brisbane

    December: Online event

    We hope you can join us and we look forward to meeting you at the next event!

      Lived Experience Register

      If you are interested in sharing your views on a specific topic to help inform a piece of QAI’s systems advocacy, we can add you to our Lived Experience Register.

      This means the next time we are doing work on that topic, we can contact you for your views. This is an internal register only and your information will be stored as outlined in our privacy policy.

        Tell us your concerns

        Send us your views about a systemic issue at any time with the dedicated form below.

        This will go directly to our systems advocacy team. You can remain anonymous or request a response from the team. If you would like a response, please be sure to include your preferred contact details in the message box.

          Fill in your details below to send our systems team your views on what matters.

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          While we cannot initiate systemic action in response to all issues, hearing the views of people with lived experience of disability is essential to our work. It helps to inform our understanding of the key barriers to inclusion that continue to exist for people with disability in Queensland.

          Become a member

          QAI is a membership-based organisation. This means our members help to inform what we do and how we do it.

          Becoming a QAI member means you will receive our newsletters, notifications about our current work, media releases and invitations to our upcoming events. You will also be added to the QAI Members email list, where information and resources are regularly shared.

          Membership is free and simply requires the completion of a Membership application/renewal form each year.

            Get in touch with us

            If you have any questions or would like to find out more, contact us on (07) 3844 4200 or or use the form below to send us a message.

              Fill in your details below to send our systems team your views on what matters.

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