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Young People’s Program


QAI’s Young People’s Program (YPP) has been established to provide individual advocacy that empowers self-advocacy and supports children and young people with disability to uphold their rights and interests and increase their control over their lives.  

What do the YPP Advocates do?

Our YPP Advocates may be able to assist by: 

  • Assisting them to understand their rights
  • Assisting them to navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme and other mainstream services
  • Addressing gaps in support
  • Addressing discrimination, conflict, and unfair treatment
  • Assisting them to make informed decisions
  • Building capacity to self-advocate
  • Providing practical assistance with documents and forms, including complaints and appeals
  • Ensuring their fundamental needs are being met
  • Liaising with stakeholders
  • Providing individual advocacy and representation to government and other decision makers
  • Provide information and referral to QAI services and other organisations which may assist.   

Our YPP Advocates may be able to assist in the areas of: 

  • Violence, abuse, and neglect
  • Community inclusion, participation, and access
  • Health & mental health
  • Child protection, family, and kinship support
  • Justice
  • Education including, early childhood development, school, higher education and vocational education and training
  • Housing and tenancy
  • NDIS and other disability supports
  • Centerlink and other financial processes
  • Employment 

Who do the YPP Advocates assist?

We may be able to assist with advocacy where: 

  • The child or young person has a disability
  • They are between 0 and 18 years old
  • They are living in Queensland

All services provided by YPP are free of charge.

How do I get help?

Children and young people, families and caregivers can contact our office to request assistance on 07 3844 4200 or 1300 130 582 or use the contact form below.

You will be required to provide QAI with certain personal details which are necessary for the advocates to deliver their services. All personal information is treated as strictly confidential.

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