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Fact sheets

These fact sheets provide general information on involuntary mental health treatment in Queensland.

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Treatment Authorities

This is a fact sheet about Treatment Authorities, which are an involuntary treatment order for mental illness under the Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld). 

Fact sheet – pdf (507 KB)

Fact sheet – Word (2.47 MB)

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Requesting an adjournment

This is a fact sheet about how to request an adjournment for a review of your Treatment Authority with the Mental Health Review Tribunal and what to do next.

Fact sheet – pdf (804 KB)

Fact sheet – Word (64 KB)


These are useful forms for people on involuntary treatment orders in Queensland.

Application for applicant review

This is the form to use if you want to apply for an early review outside of your scheduled reviews with the Mental Health Review Tribunal. 

Application form – Word (123 KB)

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Self report

This form can assist you to put your views forward to the Mental Health Review Tribunal at your review hearing. 

Self report form – fillable pdf (164 KB)

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Other useful information

These resources provide further information on patient rights and the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

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Independent Patient Rights Advisers

The Independent Patient Rights Advisers (IPRAs) are placed in Queensland public hospitals to help mental health patients understand their rights and navigate their treatment. 

The role of IPRAs – pdf (506 KB) – a fact sheet to explain what an IPRA is and how they can help.

Patient Rights under the Mental Health Act 2016 – a series of short videos produced by West Moreton IPRAs that explain patient rights.

Contact an Independent Patient Rights Adviser 

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Statement of rights

This is a document by Queensland Health that covers what your rights are under the Mental Health Act (2016).

Mental Health Act Statement of Rights – pdf (4 MB)

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Self help guide

This is a guide to help you understand the functions and procedures of the Mental Health Review Tribunal, particularly if you are representing yourself at a Treatment Authority review. This resource was published by Legalpedia.

Mental Health Review Tribunal Self Help Guide

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When you see a lawyer

This is a video about when you see a lawyer for the first time. This video tells you what you can expect from your appointment when you go to see a lawyer, and how you can prepare for your meeting. It also explains the job of a lawyer, and how they can help you understand and address your legal problem. This video was published by Fitzroy Legal Service in Victoria.

When you see a lawyer – YouTube

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