17 September 2020
For immediate release

During Disability Action Week, QAI is supporting people with disability to take their own actions!

Leading disability advocacy organisation and community legal centre Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) considers Disability Action Week a timely opportunity to remember the importance of empowering people with disability by providing them with accessible, relevant information.

Celebrating Disability Action Week, QAI has launched its newly published booklet: Know Your Rights: A Guide to the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld).

This booklet is an easy English guide to the new Queensland human rights legislation which came into effect on 1 January 2020. The booklet covers what human rights are, what human rights are protected by the Act, who has human rights, who has to respect human rights, how human rights are breached and what to do if you feel your human rights have been breached.

Watch this space! QAI will soon release an audio-version of this booklet, along with a complete set of fact sheets explaining each of the rights contained in the Act and their relevance for people with disability. It is our hope that these resources will collectively help to inform people with disability about the additional protections created by this new legislation and how they can rely on it for their protection.

In the spirit of this year’s theme for Disability Action Week – Access-ability – making things better for everyone, QAI is hopeful that an increase in awareness of human rights protection will benefit not just people with disability, but the whole community.

QAI acknowledges cartoonist and illustrator Simon Kneebone for his great talent and insight and thanks him for bringing this publication to life through his pictures.

The full PDF version of the booklet is available to download from QAI’s website at the link below. To obtain a hard copy version of the booklet, please contact our office on 07 3844 4200 or qai@qai.org.au

Digital copy of booklet

Contact: Michelle O’Flynn, Director, QAI
Phone: 0481 381 528