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Our vision is for inclusive communities where all people are equally valued and enjoy human rights.

Boy with Cerebral Palsy in wheelchair on basketball court at school.


Our purpose is to advocate for the protection and advancement of the needs, rights and lives of people with disability in Queensland.

Daughter hugging her mum at school gate


At Queensland Advocacy, we believe that all human beings are equally important, unique and of intrinsic value.  Everyone should be seen and valued as a whole person, first and foremost.  The human condition is such that societies tend to devalue those who do not fit within their models of perfection.  These groups, including people with disability, are socially marginalised.  As an organisation we seek to bring about a common vision where all human beings are equally valued.

Image of a woman with Down Syndrome talking on her mobile, wearing a grey jumper and glasses, image has green house plants in the background.

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