Human Rights

Human Rights Advocacy Practice

QAI has five services around human rights which can offer advocacy and support for individuals in specific circumstances.

Disability Royal Commission Advocacy

Our Disability Royal Commission (DRC) Advocacy provides individual advocacy for vulnerable people wishing to make a submission to the DRC.

Lawyer speaking at a Disability Royal Commission hearing

Education Advocacy

Our Education Advocacy is an independent, professional advocacy program which supports the resolution of complex and escalated complaints relating to the access, participation and/or achievement of students with disability in Queensland state schools (and home schooling). 

Daughter hugging her mum at school gate

Human Rights Law

Our Human Rights Law provides a specialist service dedicated to giving free assistance in relation to disability discrimination, guardianship, and human rights. 

Photo of a solicitor explaining something to a client

Justice Support Program

Our Justice Support Program is a QAI initiative designed to respond to the needs of people with disability in the criminal justice and related systems. 

Photo of a barbed wire fence

Social Work

Our Social Work is an internal allied service currently providing social work support to clients of QAI’s Human Rights Advocacy.  

Photo of a black man holding hands with and comforting a black woman.

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