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Social Work Practice


The Social Work Practice (SWP) is an internal allied service currently providing social work support to clients of QAI’s Human Rights Advocacy Practice (HRAP).  The SWP is guided by a social justice and human rights framework to support vulnerable persons with a disability in Queensland.

The SWP is a State-wide service based in Brisbane. Assistance is free of charge and confidential.

What does the SWP do?

The SWP can assist with: 

  • Case planning and management
  • Safety planning
  • Short term support and advocacy
  • Facilitated referrals and liaison with local community or specialised services
  • Provision of information and resources
  • Advice and assistance navigating systems.

The extent of assistance that will be provided by the SWP is at the discretion of the service, having regard to circumstances such as the needs of the person, available resources and the capacity of the SWP at the relevant time.

The SWP cannot:

  • Provide ongoing therapeutic counselling
  • Assist with drafting legal documents
  • Provide assessments to courts.

Where the SWP is unable to assist they will seek to provide alternative referral options.

Who does the SWP assist?

The SWP will assist people with disability who: 

  • Require assistance to navigate systems or processes
  • Have limited supports to assist with navigating systems or processes
  • Require support alongside their engagement with HRAP to increase their quality of life.

Referrals to the SWP are made by the QAI HRAP Solicitors with the person’s consent.

How do I get help?

If you receive assistance from QAI’s HRLS they may make a referral to the SWS. The HRLS team member will ask for your consent before making this referral. Referrals can be made at the suggestion of the HRLS solicitor or upon request. 

Please contact us on 07 3844 4200 or 1300 130 582 or use the contact form below if you have any questions about these guidelines.

You will be required to provide QAI with certain personal details which are necessary for the HRLS and SWS to deliver their services. All personal information is treated as strictly confidential.

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