QAI made a submission to the federal government’s inquiry into increasing disruption in Australian school classrooms.

QAI urged the Committee to take a considered approach to understanding perceived “disorderly behaviour” which could be the manifestation of a person’s disability in the absence of reasonable adjustments, which will not be successfully addressed through punitive responses.

“Disorderly” classrooms are also likely to be the result of adverse childhood experiences, the prevalence of which is staggering. A recent study found that 62% of Australians had experienced maltreatment as a child, meaning that teachers need to be skilled in providing trauma-informed responses to student behaviour.

QAI strongly recommended against a continued (or worse, increased) use of disciplinary measures to try and manage “disorderly classrooms”. The consequences of inappropriate and excessive recourse to school disciplinary absences are profound for individuals, families, and the broader community.

Read our submission below:

Submission – PDF

Submission – Word

QAI appeared before the Committee on 20th April to give evidence at the public hearing in Brisbane. We provided the following response to questions taken on notice during the hearing:

Questions on notice – PDF

Questions on notice – Word