QAI made two submissions to the inquiry into ongoing reforms to the youth justice system. The inquiry is overseen by the Youth Justice Reform Select Committee.

Our submissions focus on the overrepresentation of children with disability in the youth justice system. They identify some of the many factors that increase the risk of criminalization for children with disability. We propose several recommendations aimed at improving the safety of both the community and the children engaged with the system, including:

  • Practical steps to enhance early assessment, intervention and prevention processes.
  • How transitional supports can be improved to provide children with the best chance of success.
  • The need for reformation of youth detention infrastructure.

At this point in time, the inquiry has requested submissions from the public twice. The first submission responded to the inquiry’s initial terms of reference. The second submission responded to a set of priority areas identified by the inquiry. The committee is now considering all submissions and is holding several public hearings across Queensland involving key stakeholders. 

Read our submissions here:

Phase One Submission PDF

Phase One Submission Word

Phase Two Submission PDF

Phase Two Submission Word