On the 2nd March 2023, representatives from Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion (QAI), Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service, Darwin Community Legal Service and Rights Information and Advocacy Centre (RIAC) met with the NDIS Review panel.

They provided a presentation and briefing paper about the NDIA’s current practice of only funding supports in relation to the ‘impairment’ on which a person relied to become an NDIS participant. In our view, this practice is incorrect at law. It is also causing significant challenges for participants. Some people with disability have multiple impairments and their impact cannot be separated.

Once a person has access to the NDIS, they need to be seen as a whole person and all of their impairments, not just the ones they relied on for access, must be considered when the Agency is funding reasonable and necessary supports.

You can read the briefing paper, along with the cover letter sent to the NDIS Review, via the links below:

Briefing paper – PDF

Briefing paper – Word

Cover letter – PDF