Queensland’s treatment of people with disability under forensic orders is inhumane and does not comply with the law or international human rights standards.

Queensland’s Forensic Disability Service (FDS) is meant to provide skills training and other programs to people under forensic orders so that they can live back in the community. However, some residents are being held indefinitely and are kept in cruel conditions.

On the 16th October 2023, ABC’s Four Corners shared the story of “Adrian” who has been in seclusion at FDS for over ten-years. Adrian’s unlawful seclusion was condemned by the Queensland Ombudsman in 2019 yet there has been no change to his circumstances since then and he remains in permanent seclusion.

FDS residents can live in dirty physical conditions, be subjected to Restrictive Practices, have little or no contact with family and friends and can be held far from cultural supports.

Queensland’s laws permitting the indefinite detention of people with disability are also contrary to recommendations of the United Nations and, more recently, the Disability Royal Commission.

QAI calls on the Queensland Government to end the indefinite detention of people with disability. The Queensland Government must acknowledge and address the human rights violations occurring across the forensic disability service system and at the FDS, including in relation to Adrian.

QAI’s new position statement contains proposals for reform that would ensure the treatment of people with disability under forensic orders is compliant with the law and with human rights standards.

Read our position statement here:

PDF – Position Statement

Word – Position Statement